Cicada Wing Necklace Sterling Silver
Cicada Wing Necklace Sterling Silver
Cicada Wing Necklace
Cicada Wing Pendant Sterling Silver
Cicada Wing and Monarch Butterfly Wing Necklace
Cicada Wing Necklace Making
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Cicada Wing Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Cicada Wing Necklace, Solid Sterling Silver Cicada Wing Pendant, Cicada wing 925 jewelry

Beautiful, sleek and exquisite. This cicada wing in sterling silver would look perfect for the holiday season with a simple evening dress.

Quality craftsmanship and exceptional finish and detail are paramount in this design. It takes a lot of time to make and finish, but the result is stunning.

Expertly pierced and crafted by hand with the highest attention to detail from 0.8mm thick sterling silver, the cicada Wing is 35 mm in length (just under 1.5 inches) and is polished to a high mirror finish.

All materials used including the chain are solid sterling .925 silver

Please see last photo for the chain style, and select style and length of chain from the drop down menu.

Curb chain: 1.7mm width
Ball chain 2 mm width
Snake chain 1.5mm width